1987 was a magical time. It was at the cusp of a new Millennium (just 13 years to go), the Eighties were ending and the Nineties were just around the corner, Reagan was president, the inflation rate of the USA was 66%, the average Income per year $24,350, cassette tapes were still in use, the very first Final Fantasy game was released in Japan, Nintendo mania was hitting the USA, hair metal bands were on their way out and garage bands were emerging and helping shape the future of grunge and alternative rock, and the Class of 1987 graduated in De Anza High School. The purpose of this site is to allow easy access and communication between the graduates of De Anza High School's 1987 class. It was made around the time Facebook, MySpace, or even Friendster hasn't come about.

Rekindle Old Friendships and Begin New Ones

* Reunions for the Class of 1987 that graduated in De Anza High School were quite easy thanks in part to this site. These teens that soon emerged into adulthood and became part of the 1990s workforce and themselves birthed what would be known as the Millennials were a tech-savvy bunch that stayed in touch first by pager then by (primitive) cellphones and finally by the Worldwide Web around the time the Millennium happened.

* They "survived" Y2K and the "End of the World" in 2012. They continued to post and keep in touch with teach other through a community bulletin board that showed how their lives were shaping up and how they were able to take on many challenges from 1987 onwards, from the unforgettable events of 9/11 to the rise of student debt that did away with the Empty Nest concept.

* They know each other by know and they communicated to each other on parenting and the growth of their children. They assisted them as a small graduate community to survive the perils of real life by letting them explore the changing job market. Most importantly, they kept in touch through thick and thin through a simple website that allowed announcements of special events, reunions, get-togethers, holidays, marriages, and more.